Rusty Keyhole

One of the places we really like to eat at in town is the Rusty Keyhole. If you look in the Lonely Planet: Cambodia, you will find the Rusty Keyhole mentioned. The Phnom Penh Post reports it as “serving the best BBQ ribs in the land.” They are delicious, but we really love the mashed potatoes, too!

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It’s worth stopping at for dinner if you are passing through Kampot. Seems like every time we go to eat there, a visitor comes in to ask about the BBQ ribs. Many nights they sell out of ribs, so on some days, eating earlier may be better. Usually, my husband and I share a plate of ribs with mashed potatoes and still take some meat home with us. In fact, when shredded, they make great tacos the next night! Rusty Keyhole also has fabulous Tex-Mex specials on occasion. We really enjoy their enchiladas, and the fajitas are great, too. With homemade tortillas and the meat slow cooked on the grill, food isn’t always fast, but it is absolutely delicious. Since they are located on the riverfront, we enjoy watching the sunset on the river in the evening. If you can get a seat outdoors, it’s a great place to kick back and relax while you wait for your meal.


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