Saving the Chili Peppers

We have about 2 square yards of “yard” in the back of our place. It’s overgrown and partially shaded by a neighbor’s coconut palm drooping into our “space.” However, it is the only land I have so to speak, so I was determined to get in there and clean it out to plant something interesting like a banana plant. Surprisingly, I didn’t find much dirt, but I did find bricks, cement, trash, string, wire, you name it, I found it. It looked as though the past renters or owners decided it was a good “dump” space. I started collecting the rocks for putting at the bottom of pots and throwing the plants into another pile to be used as compost at some point. Then I came across this little fellow…

The rescued chili plant…

It actually got thrown into the compost pile until I saw the little chili on it! I figured that someone had thrown out some ends of old or used chili peppers and the seeds actually took root and started growing. I carefully replanted the weak plant into a pot, and supported it with an old chopstick. After a few days it decided to like its new home, and within a week didn’t need the chopstick anymore. Now I have little flowers all over it and more ready to bloom. Hopefully some will take the shape of this little fellow and become spicy little peppers that the hubby loves to eat!

Have you ever come across something tossed aside to find a treasure?


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