Basil, Basil Everywhere

One of the first things I planted when I got my pots and dirt were my herbs: cilantro and basil. I have missed cooking with fresh herbs so badly! These two were the few things that I could grow from seed to harvest before we leave for the States this summer. Unfortunately, the leftover cilantro seeds I had from last year did nothing. Two sprouted and quickly died. Either the seeds were too old, or they had difficulty taking  root in this sandy soil. I will try again with some new seeds later in the summer. The basil on the other hand is out of control. It has taken off and can’t be stopped. It seems to love this soil.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

I’ve already used it in my favorite Tomato Basil Soup and several stir-fry dishes. The flavor isn’t as strong as it was the last time I grew it in Korea. Same seeds, different soil and climate, and in addition, it’s rainy season. I read online that a lot of water might affect the flavor. Does anyone know about this?

However, I did have one plant grow that looked different from the rest. Can you spot it? The seed came from the same packet, but it looks different. Does anyone know what kind of basil this might be? I’m actually fighting snails or slugs at the moment on my basil, and they love this odd-ball basil plant most of all.


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