‘Round the Table Dancing

The Khmer people love to dance. They love to have fun with their family. I love this, too! One day we were invited to a family party. Actually, some relatives of our friends were hosting a party at their restaurant for a completely different family, but since it was a party at their place, they invited their own relatives…and the relatives invited us. Even if we weren’t directly invited by the lady throwing the party, she was very excited to have us at her party.

We drove down a few dirt roads to get to this outdoor restaurant and ate some noodles topped with the broth, meat, and veggies of your choice…

Then, everyone started dancing. What I found strange was that they put a table in the center of the dance area…then I realized that Khmer dancing, at least the kind we were doing, requires walking in a circle with the whole group. The dancing is slow and repetitive. We were able to catch on pretty easily. There are actually several different kinds of Khmer dances, that all end up going in a circle…but there are different steps to get around the table.  The thing I loved about this dancing experience was that the whole family participated. There were several little kids who danced with us and the grandparents absolutely loved dancing as well. This was definitely a family activity where everyone participated.


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