Captain Chim’s

Sometimes I just want a good burger. Living in Cambodia, you might think that would be a hard thing to accomplish, and finding a “good” one is. In the States, I would typically make one myself; however, we don’t buy much red meat here for me to cook with. If I want beef, we go out.

The best hamburger we have found in Kampot is at Captain Chim’s. It is a local Khmer family-owned and run restaurant, popular with tourists because it has some great inexpensive items on the menu. Captain Chim also takes tourists out on his boat in the evenings for fishing, swimming and enjoying the sunset. We have never been on the boating tour, probably because we aren’t tourists, but we love the food and they are always accommodating when we order strange things (ex: a hamburger without the bread). They have some great local dishes along with fried noodles and rice, but my favorite is his ‘made from scratch’ hamburgers and fries. The meat is minced and seasoned right before they cook it then placed on a bun made fresh here in Kampot at a local bakery. They also use fresh cut potatoes and pan fry them. Because they make everything fresh, and have a one burner stove-top, it can take some time to get your food; however, for the price and the taste, we are always willing to wait. I have tried at least 4 other places for hamburgers in town, and nothing compares to the juicy Captain Chim’s burger!

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