About Completely Filled…

It all began with a girl in another country…her home away from home. Craving for things no where to be found, she went searching for “how to make them.”  With no Walmart in sight, she set off on an adventurous  journey.

A journey with much to learn.
A journey with mistakes to make.
A journey to discover the truth about so much.
A journey in which to be “completely filled.”

Here I share my stories, experiments, and discoveries…as well as the adventure that surrounds us daily in a third-world country.

Let’s set out on this journey called life to be Completely Filled.

About Me…

After years of living in China, Korea, and in the States, my husband and I have moved to settle down in Cambodia.

We are currently in the process of turning our home into a community center in Kampot. Join us on this journey of faith, adventure and life.

Touring Vietnam-November 2011


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